70 g Grilled halloumi cheese  

with rocket salad and balsamic dressing
115 CZK
50 g Fried calamari  
on a bed of lettuce with ginger mayonnaise  
125 CZK
70 g Beef Carpaccio  

with rocket salad and Parmesan cheese    
199 CZK
100 g Steak tartare
beef sirloin with fried bread  
209 CZK
100 g Marinated hermelín cheese 
with chilli, onion, and rosemary 
115 CZK


100 g Caesar salad
garlic croutons and Parmesan cheese
189 CZK
100 g Grilled duck breast
on a bed of salad with cherry tomatoes  and vinaigrette dressing  
189 CZK
200 g Warm lentil salad
with sundried tomatoes and poached egg
175 CZK


  Tomato soup with roasted peppers
with basil pesto and ricotta
55 CZK
  Beef broth
with liver dumplings, vegetables and home-made noodles 
55 CZK
  Garlic soup
with egg, bacon and potatoes 
49 CZK


230 g Chicken breast supreme
grilled vegetables and potato grenaille 
245 CZK
180 g Duck breast
creamy risotto with mushrooms and Parmesan cheese
229 CZK
260 g Confit duck leg
barrel fermented cabbage, potato gnocchi
265 CZK
200 g Veal escalope 
thin slices of veal with a mushroom sauce
245 CZK
150 g Veal schnitzel
- mashed potato with onion 
- Viennese potato salad    
245 CZK
800 g Slow-roasted pork knee
with crispy toasted bread, fresh horseradish and mustard
345 CZK
250 g Grilled pork shoulder
with rosemary, roasted grenaille potatoes, corn on the cob, and peppercorn sauce
235 CZK
200 g Pork cheeks in a beer sauce
oasted root vegetables, mashed potatoes
199 CZK
150 g Porterhouse short loin steak
- mashed potato with onion 
- Viennese potato salad
225 CZK
150 g Beef goulash
from the shank, with horseradish and onion, bread-roll dumpling
199 CZK
150 g Fish of the day
always fresh, the waiter will be pleased to advise… 
288 CZK
200 g Chicken breast steak 205 CZK
200 g Pork tenderloin steak 259 CZK
200 g Beef sirloin steak
-  roasted root vegetables
- grilled vegetables     
420 CZK
200 g Steak D1
Beef tenderloin steak with fried egg, pancetta crisps, rosemary potatoes, and grilled vegetables
499 CZK
150 g Beef burger with bacon and cheese
mustard mayonnaise, French fries
249 CZK
150 g Halloumi burger
with salad, roast pepper, barbecue sauce and sweet potato grilles
249 CZK
250 g Spaghetti with shrimp
garlic and chilli /fresh pasta/
288 CZK
250 g Spaghetti carbonara /fresh pasta/ 195 CZK
250 g Linguine with basil pesto
with sundried tomatoes and Mozzarella
185 CZK
250 g Creamy risotto 
with sundried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese
175 CZK


100 g Chicken schnitzel
mashed potatoes
95 CZK
100 g Fried cheese
French fries
95 CZK
150 g Spaghetti
and tomato sauce
85 CZK


  Roasted grenaille potato 42 CZK 
  Mashed potatoes   39 CZK
  Grilled vegetables 69 CZK  
  Roasted root vegetables 49 CZK   
  Grilled corn on the cob 49 CZK
  Viennese potato salad 42 CZK  
  French fries 45 CZK
  Fried sweet potato grilles 45 CZK
  Mixed vegetable salad 59 CZK  
  Crispy toasted white bread with herbs 29 CZK
  Crispy toasted white bread with Parmesan cheese 39 CZK


  Peppercorn 42 CZK
  Mushroom 42 CZK
  Barbecue 42 CZK
  Cheese 42 CZK
  Mustard mayonnais 42 CZK
  Tartar sauce 42 CZK


  Chocolate cake
with salted caramel
85 CZK
  Baked apple in puff pastry 
vanilla cream and cinnamon
85 CZK
  Vanilla Crème brûlée
with fresh fruits 
85 CZK
  Ice cream 
1 scoop
32 CZK




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