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70 g Grilled halloumi cheese  

with rocket salad and balsamic dressing
125 CZK
70 g Carpaccio of beef tenderloin
with arugula and Parmesan

235 CZK

70 g Carpaccio of beef tenderloin
with truffle mayonnaise and watercress 

255 CZK

100 g Piglet rillettes
with garlic, thyme and pickled shallots 

125 CZK

100 g Steak tartare
beef sirloin with capers, toast and garlic
249 CZK
150 g Selection of traditional Italian cheeses 
and smoked meat olives and pickled shallots   
279 CZK


120 g Caesar salad
with chicken, garlic croutons and Parmesan 
219 CZK
100 g Grilled duck breast on salad
with cherry tomatoes and fennel, vinaigrette dressing  
229 CZK
120 g Sautéed prawns
with garlic butter, iceberg lettuce, spicy vinaigrette  
245 CZK
200 g Warm black lentil salad 
with sun-dried tomatoes and poached egg
199 CZK


  Strong beef tail broth
with meat, vegetables and homemade noodles 
75 CZK
with egg, potatoes and cheese  
59 CZK
  Spicy black bean soup
smoked peppers, sour cream and chorizo  
75 CZK


230 g Chicken breast supreme
with glazed onion and mashed potatoes, with groats
265 CZK
180 g Duck breast
creamy risotto, with mushrooms and Parmesan
249 CZK
200 g Veal scallopini
thin slices of boneless veal with mushroom sauce
269 CZK
200g Fried veal schnitzel in butter
Viennese potato salad 
289 CZK
200 g Roast piglet roll
with garlic, fennel and rosemary, fermented cabbage, potato dumplings      
239 CZK
800 g Slow-roast pork knee
with horseradish, mustard, toasted bread 
385 CZK
300 g Pork Chop steak
grilled pork chop with roast onion, roast grenaille potatoes, mustard sauce
279 CZK
200 g Pork cheeks in beer
with roasted root vegetables and mashed potatoes
229 CZK
180 g Grilled Merguez lamb sausages
a ragout of green lentils, tomatoes and cumin,  toasted bread 
285 CZK
150 g Beef sirloin in cream
bread dumpling, wild cranberries  
259 CZK
180 g Fish of the day
always fresh, the staff will be happy to advise you
298 CZK
200 g Chicken breast steak
grilled vegetables
249 CZK
200 g Pork tenderloin steak 
potato rösti, demi-glace 
305 CZK
200 g Steak D1
beef tenderloin steak, fried egg, pancetta, rosemary potatoes and grilled vegetables
599 CZK
150 g Beef burger
with bacon and Cheddar, fried potato fries, bacon mayonnaise
289 CZK
150 g Halloumi burger
with salad, roasted peppers and BBQ sauce, Sweet potato fries
269 CZK
250 g Spaghetti with prawns
garlic and chili /fresh pasta/
298 CZK
250 g Spaghetti Carbonara  /fresh pasta/  225 CZK
250 g Saffron risotto 
with asparagus and Parmesan
199 CZK


100 g Grilled chicken breast 
mashed potatoes   
105 CZK
100 g Fried cheese 
potato fries   
105 CZK
150 g Spaghetti
with tomato sauce  
105 CZK


  Baked potatoes 47 CZK 
  Mashed potatoes 44 CZK
  Potato fries 50 CZK
  Sweet potato fries 50 CZK
  Potato rösti 55 CZK
  Grilled vegetables 74 CZK  
  Grilled corn 54 CZK
  Viennese potato salad 47 CZK  
  Mixed vegetable salad 89 CZK
  Toasted white bread with herbs 34 CZK
  Toasted white bread with Parmesan 44 CZK


  Truffle 89 CZK
  Peppercorn 47 CZK
  Mushroom 47 CZK
  BBQ 47 CZK
  Mustard 47 CZK
  Tartar sauce 47 CZK
  Bacon mayonnaise 47 CZK


  Chocolate cake
with salted caramel 
95 CZK
  Baked apple in puff pastry
vanilla cream    
95 CZK
  Caramel pear with honey and cinnamon
served on whipped mascarpone with maple syrup 
95 CZK
  Crème brûlée
with fresh fruit
95 CZK
  Ice cream, subject to offer
1 scoop
35 CZK




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